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June 20, 2008


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Funny, I posted about a similar experience today. The difference is I didn't get in the water.

Mike, It was great to sail with you: even if I didn't realize I was sailing with you. We could'a used five more knots of wind; But it was nice just to plane, even with a big sail. Watching you guys freestyle inspired me to try a few tacks, and be a little more liberal with my sail flip. I'm not saying I'm ready for the freestyle camp just yet...But I understand why you guys love it. It looked way more fun than just BAFing.

I think we've hooked another one. Hey frank, next time we're sailing together, I can give you a few things to start on in the freestyle dept. You'll be surprised how much fun and how fast you'll start picking things up.

Send some of that breeze this way! I've been skunked 7 out of my last 12 sessions. Basicly, if you can only sail on weekends then Cape Cod/ R.I. sucks for a windsurfer. Gripe, gripe, gripe. I'm going to take up skunk hunting.

Scooper, I thought Cape Cod was the windiest location on the East Coast (NEWJ's wind charts say it is)...but not on weekends? That stinks.

But for you (and Frank) a great way to load for skunk is to plan on some nonplaning freestyle! Check out the videos of basic freestyle moves on clewfirst.com. This is fun stuff, and the wind will respect you for it.

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