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June 02, 2008


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Hey gues, are there any good thermals at Hecksher Park? The forecast for the weekend says hot (80F) partially sunny so no cold fronts coming which worries me a little bit. The largest board I have is a 111 liters and the largest sail a 7.4 m2 so you understand my worries.....See you next weekend!!

Hecksher is probably the best place on all of Long Island for thermals. But more importantly, it's WAY too early in the week to think the forecast is meaningful.

As long as it's SW and sunny, Heckscher will blow. This time of year we can get 20 mph of pure thermal without any gradient helping out. Throw in a little SW and we're on 4.7s. The forecast on Iwindsurf right now is SW and sunny, a perfect windy setup at Heckscher. The main concern we have is the wind lifting early in the season over the cooler water, but so far the wind has been mixing much better than usual due to the perfectly warm water in the bay. I haven't needed a sail bigger than my 5.9 since April and that was only one day. When it's windy, it's WINDY at Heckscher. Sunday was day 64 of the season for me.

See you this weekend,



That sounds promising! You have convinced me, I'll leave the 7.4 at home ;)
Michael, you are perfectly right about the forecast but since we are all looking forward to a great event, a little paranoia sets in ;)

See you this weekend.

PS: do you have enough gps units for everyone or will we be sharing them?


Don't leave anything home!!!!! It's not windy every single day anywhere in the world and if we don't have a sw gradient to couple the thermal, you might need the 7.4. I'm bringing my 8.2 which hasn't seen the water this year yet.

We have 2 GPS units to share. We'll probably give each person 2 runs out and back before giving the units to the next person in line. You can wait in line as many times as you like. We're going to keep a list of people waiting for the unit so after you go, you get moved to the back of the list and become first in line for your second go at the world speed record.

See you on Saturday,


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