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June 17, 2008


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This is great. Will you be there this weejend and July 4th?

I don't sail Napeague during the summer much, as I'm closer to the Peconic Bays, Mecox, and the ocean launches around Ponquogue. I'm sure plenty of people will be out there though. For rentals use the contact information included above.

Hi duke,
I will at Napeague starting in July full time. For bookings it is best to call the shop and arrange in advance. See you at the beach this summer.

I saw this site while looking up windsurfing in the Hamptons. I'm headed out to Wainscott on July 2nd and looked and saw iwindsurf is calling for really windy SSW on the 3rd. That should be good side-on sailing for the ocean side. Are there any good places to sail on the ocean side, and can I rent gear from a shop (with soft racks) to bring to that location? Are the ocean side big days just too big to sail? (too much shore break which closes out.) Are there any decent wave sailing spots where the waves don't break right onto the beach? Is Napeague really the place to go? Thanks for any help here.

Easy one first: Call Windsurfing Hamptons for info on gear rental (631-283-9463, www.w-surf.com.
Re ocean sailing on SSW...Tiana Beach and Cupsogue can both work at low tide. Re beach break, with the exception of the Bowl, every ocean spot on the east end works best from mid tide to low tide and back...any higher tide and beach break is a problem (The Bowl works all he time when the wind is right, but "right" is E).
As to "too big" I suppose that depends on how good you are...certainly there are huge days during which nobody I sail with sails the ocean, but that doesn't occur too often.

I recommend contacting the windsurfing shop today to discuss locations for this week as well as gear rental. Talk to Jonathan Ford...he will give you the best info.

BTW there is a map of windsurfing locations on this blog...check it out here.

Thanks for your help. I called Windsurfing Hamptons and it seems they really only rent big gear. (Boards around 140 liters and up.) After seeing some of the youtube wave sailing video clips posted by people in the area, and seeing the forecast for Thursday, I was hoping I might be able to rent some wave gear. I wasn't able to get a hold of Jonathan, but I'll try him tomorrow in the slight chance he has some gear he'll rent.

Thanks for the help.

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