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June 25, 2008


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"Trash talking about the Tillerman"? Please do share with the world what you said about me.

And why do you say that we sailboaters come over as so "damn superior"? I try hard on my blog to expose all my foibles and hardly ever mention such impenetrable topics as "vang tension".

Let's do lunch. Have your people call my people.

I am superior, damn it! Why? Because I only drink 100% Blue Agave tequila, which everyone knows is superior. Plus, I have been aged in fine old American plastic, the Force 5, ensuring for my incredible smoothness.

Now back to your story. Let's see some pics!

You missed it!!! heckscher went off today. Sailed 5.3 for 5 1/2 hours. Thursday looks to be even better. By the way, I know about all those sailboat guys........"I have the biggest dinghy" yada yada.......

I once left a voicemail with James Douglass saying "Hey James, it's Aaron from the internet."

(this is cool, I have both Lord Tillerman and his lordship Mike Burns..."King of the East" commenting at the same time.)

Sir Tillerman: No actual trash talking took place about your worship. One must realize, however, that when you are the best sailing blog on the planet, lesser mortals will talk! Of course then there's your buddy with the Superblog...in my wildest dreams I daren't dream of reaching such heights (but then again, that guy won't inspect his own mast top for sea monster eggs...) It's true you are good on the foible tip, but you are speaking to a windsurfer, sir! We aspire to foibles, living as we do in the "I suck" domain. The blogger noted here as Catapulting Aaron proclaims himself to be the worst windsurfer in the world! I take kindly to him as I have previously held (and defended) that title. Lastly, I LOVE the vang tension talk. Remember your post about new Harken blocks? I think that was the first time I commented on your venerable blog. Give be precision bearings any day (you think I'm kidding...I'm not!)

Mr. Joe...we have no photos. I actually brought a camera, but the lighting wasn't at all good (Messing Adam found us quite a cool little underground spot.) Pour the tequila on yer boat...I want to hear more about your sake adventures!

Lord Mike...5.3? Argh!!! Do you think today will happen? I will reach out to you directly (as we windsurfers do.)

C-Aaron...you are good! I'd tell you to track down The Horses Mouth now that you are in the Bay area, but he is a man of mystery (and a wide variety of water toys.)

I don't think I've ever written a post about new Harken blocks. And The Google can't find such a post on my blog either. I think you must be losing your bearings.

Lost my bearings, lost my bearings...it was Live Sail Die with the Harken blocks. I remember googling "vang tension" and ending up on a page selling the rigging...and the harken gear...so it got all tangled up in my bird brain.

You probably don't even LIKE pulleys. Now I remember...you like goldfish!

I exploded one of my Lewmar Self tailing winches this weekend. I could go on...AND I WILL...on my blog. If I ever get the time to post up again.

I am not sure what's more worrying: That this conversation is happening or that I am actually fascinated by it?

Wow, look what happens when bloggers talk to bloggers (and I go off and park myself in a tent with no internet connection for a few days)!

We needed you, Bonnie, as a voice of reason.
OT it will be a strange day when campsites offer wifi.

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