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July 07, 2008


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Michael, Thanks for the plug.I have to say that the ABK clinic in Napeaque where I brought the Buddha turned out to be one of the windiest clinics I've been to and deffinately the windiest on long island. You were there for one of the days. By the time the wind backed off on Sunday I was ready for a day of rest. My truck wasn't running well so I couldn't bring the Buddha to the windfest in June, need I say more? There has only been one good day of wind in the past three weeks in the Hudson valley so I've spent my free time carving Buddha's mother Tara. Who would have known, the only Taras I've ever known were tough irish girls,but anyway, hope to finish her before it gets windy,maybe tomarrow, Mike

P.S. Almost forgot ,that fin is amazing.My JP109 has ruined me for all other boards and that fin is the only one I'll use on it now.It"s only 18cm,but tracks incredible and rarely stalls unless you want it to,made by Choco fins model Tonky style. I'm done.

Next year we need to be sponsored by the Buddha at the East Coast Windsurfing Festival. Nice "Tonky Style" fin. It should be a decent size to learn the spinny stuff. I think it also makes you feel your board better using a small fin like this. Granted it's harder to go upwind, but it makes the board so much looser. It wouldn't have worked yesterday as the weeds are in full swing now. Enough to send people over the handle bars even with a weed fin.

Drove next to this Buddha in traffic on the way to ABK. Hoped it would bring wind, and yes, it sure did! LI needs the Buddha bad! Where is the Buddha now??? I think he prefers to be mobile, thus the lack of wind.

Jill, I hate to gloat (may jinx the wind) but how often can a hudson valley windsurfer tell a long island windsurfer how great the wind was. The buddha and the wind were here this past weekend. By sunday afternoon I felt like Rick Moranis when he finally got washed ashore still hanging onto the boom in the movie Club Paradise. Sat. afternoon Bannimans island went off,there were three of us.Sun.morning it started building in Nyack and kept up all day,even this german dude who always shows up with a 90ltr.wave board and a 6.0 got to go out. Its usually much to light for his rig.I've noticed that the banimans and scarbourgh sensors seem to be 4to5mph generous,good luck,may pick up by friday.

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