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August 15, 2008


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As much as I sympathise with you for your long 'drought', it is nice to hear that others are experiencing what we have been going thru for around the past couple of years! Our windsurfing time on the water has dropped by at least half over the past two years..........I am waiting for this trend to end. It is quite expensive if we have to travel abroad everytime we want to windsurf!! IF that time comes we will have to pack up our boards cos there is no way we can afford to do that!!

Lets hope the law of averages works out and the fall is twice as windy as normal.

I second Mike Burns' sentiment, except I have less time to sail in the fall, being a teacher. Anyway, I know most people don't like to do this, but I have gotten out twice in the past week, (planing a bit) on really big gear - 9.8 sail, Exocet Pacer hybrid board. Going upwind railing on the dagger is not nearly as good as planing on a shorboard, but has its own appeal, at least to me.

I am taking my Van back to Quigley the week of the 25th. I need some work done on the four wheel drive and I have had bad luck with my former mechanic. Quigley is in PA, but they do such great work, it's worth the trip. And so, you can expect epic conditions that week. Thank god we had as good a spring as we did.

Dennis...I'm tempted to get myself a bigger rig (and the Puffin gets plenty of comments of rigging XL sails!)

Frank...I covet your van, so please do get it fixed and maxed out, that I might aspire...

Keeping your equipment clean and dry seems rather important. I don't use a van, but a S.U.V. However, I empty it out after every session, washing all the equipment I used and drying it before the next outing. Since I travel a lot down dirt roads to gain access, I often hose my vehicle down after a session and vac the interior. You always take a better approach to sport if you have clean and proper gear. You may not have the space to unload your equipment and store it, but keeping the van clean and dry seems a no brainer.

Micheal time for SUP. The SUP is the perfect compliment for windsurfing during these times in the doldrums. You'll find yourself hoping for light winds and small to medium surf. Wow - did I really just say that?

Well the phenomenon of no wind this season seems to be a world wide one. Back home in Austria the number of days with planing conditions was also quite neglectable this summer.

Being on a trip in the states I also visited Long Island but no difference. Next stop was Cape Cod / Hyannis / Kalmus Beach on Sunday. And there it was.

Blue Sky. Wind. Whitecaps. People on sailboards actually P L A N I N G. It still exists. Blessed country. If there had been any rental station ...

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