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August 02, 2008


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Pobresito. :(
Here what you can do:
1. Go surfing.
2. Go body surfing.
3. Turn your long board into a SUP, you'll need a paddle.
4. Take that moss covered plastic kayak from your side yard and go paddling.
5. Buy a ticket to SF. We have wind here.

Time to move? Fortune favors the bold, they say.

Hah! It didn't happen by accident. Everyone's been saying this is a pretty average summer, so I don't think we're "stealing" your breeze LOL!

You guys will have a kick ass fall, and I'll be sitting on my ass in October and November fawning over your war stories :)

Dear Puffin,

Instead of trying to lure the wind gods from other locations, wouldn't it be better to start rigging 11.8' and 12.5' like the rest of us? Formula ain't that bad ;)


Formula ain't bad at all! I used to rig up to a 9.8, but these days prefer nonplaning freestyle. The problem has been that there's often not been enough wind even to play with a sail on a big board lately!

By all means keep on rockin' the formula!

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