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September 14, 2008


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I once crashed into an Olympic hopeful on a race course.

I was on Starboard, for the record...


I once nicked a mexican that was underwater clamming at Hearts Cove in moriches. He popped his head up about 3 feet in front of me while I was on a full plane and caught him in the shoulder with the side of my board. He was fine and kept apologizing for being in the way. His buddies thought it was hysterical. Good thing for the both of us he wasn't six inches to the left.

Mike, Your comment made me laugh, I work with a fair amount of Mexicans and they love slapstick humor. When someone falls off a ladder or crashes into something, as long as they're not killed or seriously injured, it is the biggest hoot. On of the most popular TV shows in Mexico is Los tres chiflotes, The three stooges, and there is no spanish translation for Curly.

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