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September 30, 2008


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This requires some thought-will get back to you! HHHmmmmm.........

why doesn't he change his name to a symbol? like "the artist formerly known as prince" only it would be "the windsurfer formerly known as peconic jeff." The icon could be some sort of a isosceles triangle (symbolizing a sail) with a puffin shaped silhouette inside it(symbolizing a puffin). Now there's a serious nick name. One that cannot be spoken, only drawn in the sand. That's just legendary! and, not to mention, holds the potential for some serious merchandising...

UUUmmm. I kinda like Zephyr-Jefphyr. :)

Wow, mucho creative points to Jon and Jill! I like the symbol idea (can we have the puffin sliding backwards in a vulcan?), written on the beach, only to be destroyed by wind and waves (just like my Ponquogue sailing sessions). But I should only be worthy of such a thing when I can finally vulcan, and that may be awhile!

As for Zephyr-Jefphyr (god of the west wind? or did you mean the Eastern European marshmallow candy?), perhaps that can be the identity I assume when sailing the massive 4.2m days at Iron Pier. Not sure if I'm worthy of a godlike nickname, though... at least not until I can vulcan. :P

I say keep it old school - Peconic Jeff.

I was thinking the same thing as Jon...a symbol like Prince did. Or just "TWFKAPJ".

Jeffs board struggles to track straight. SO sliding, spinning, no track, slippy, spinny could all apply. lets just wait AND SEE

Well Guru, you have a point re TWFKAPJ's freestyling on his Skate, but what about when he's wave sailing? Or bump and jumping? Or tearing it up in a jibatorium? What about when it's nuking? We have to account for this type of sailing, because every day sailing is a great day sailing, and it's even better if I have a nickname to employ in the Puffin.

I know about your disciples Transition Tom and Freestyle Fred, but it seems to me that they are boxed in by those handles. Windsurfers like The Mighty Larry Hoff, Radar Tom, the Wolf, Jill Marr Superstar etc still shred with infinite possibilities. I only wish the same for TWFKAPJ, but we're going to let the readers decide.

-the editor.

A lot of good points have been made, but for all his name changes, Prince is now back to Prince. I have a feeling that whatever we wind up calling him for the time being, sooner or later we'll be calling him Peconic Jeff again.

You hit it, Mr. Editor, in your constructive response to the Guru, re: boxed-in nicknames. Yes, Peconic Bay was the site of my first plane and planing jibe, and home to several delicious bump-n-jump spots, flatwater heavens, and beautiful sunset vistas and wildlife (including Atlantic Puffins). But I have also sailed far and beyond, including other LI shores, RI, NC, FL, Ontario, and once to Tarifa, Spain (first waterstart, first in-the-straps, first walk of shame, bloody lip, etc. -- loved that place!). But I believe the best nicknames are the ones that come up organically at the beach, and not via polls and focus groups. I agree with the Guru, let's wait AND SEE........

I must recommend the comment of Don, who wrote (after reading the "He's back but is he Peconic" post:
"Peconic is not an English word according to many dictionaries from American Heritage to Cambridge publications. Google search provided the Indian phrase relating to nut tree and a host of Long Island Bay/water related protective groups, people, corporate entites etc. We sail, we are nuts, we like trees so we know which sail to rig and make the call Port/Starboard blah, blah. We, the PDiddyPuffin included, windsurf, so we are all Peconic."

I am meditating on this. It brings more meaning to being a Peconic Puffin!

I was one of the "rename Jeff" instigators, but now that I am faced with a ballot, I am not so sure it is a good idea.

P.O.J. is whimsical, but somewhat demeaning, suggesting that there is something ordinary about Jeff (or worse if other meanings of P.O.J. are inferred).

Jumping Jeff seems too narrow enough to really capture Jeff's character.

In the end, I voted for "Peconic Jeff". For one thing, it conveys useful info (where Jeff is based). In addition there is something to be said for maintaining a well-known "brand" -the name that many people already know Jeff by.

Next project - rename Michael "The Vulcan Puffin" :-)

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