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October 13, 2008


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That's a Burner you're describing and is next up on my to do list. Seeing this done in person is so different from watching it in the videos. In person you really see the power and speed at which it needs to be done. What it actually is, is a duck tack in the straps, straight into a ponch.

Damn you Puffin for distracting me from work again!!!! Now I'm even further behind. Let me watch that video 1 more time first.

Just saw this article on c7. thanks for picking up this video! i am right now with gollito in sardinia to work on the next one. unfortunatly we are not very lucky with the wind. anyway best regards andre

Cool moves! Enjoyed watching this video, thanks for sharing!

Wow!! Paskowski has got to be the most famous windsurfer to ever post on the puffin! For those that don't know who Andre is, he's one of the top freestyle pros on the tour and also made this video. Another movie he's made that some of you might own is "Wet and Salty"

Anyway, good stuff there Andre. Keep it coming!! It keeps me inspired to learn the next moves.

Great video,had seen a clip of Tyson Poor doing that move at the gorge, thought it was smokin but didn't know the name of it. Thanks M.B. Another plus was seeing Tonky's smiling face. Now that the leaves are turning I'm starting to think about Bonaire.

Yeah, that video is suh-weet! Great production levels and action!!

Hey M.B., will you also be combining the burner with a switch stance backwinded grubby 540? Holy $#(&*!!!!

Any of you guys coming down this fall?

Andy: I might get down your way for a few days next week...details coming soon.

King of the East (Mike): Sorry about the distraction, but this video and the sailing are so good that I needed to share.

Andre: The pleasure is the Puffin's! Good luck in Sardinia.

Hey Andy,
A bunch of us have a couple houses from November 8th to the 15th but I'll most likely come down a few days early. we'll be in Island Mist. You should stop by for some freestyle sessions, beer, and hottub. I'm sure stewart will be hanging around the house, and your more than welcome too when you're not locked up in the shop.

Gotta love freestyle, this video shows that there is ALWAYS something new to learn.

Thanks again for the distraction Michael.

True that!!

Can't wait to see y'all!

3 more weeks to Hatteras!!! God I hope we get some wind before then.

I wonder if the editor has decided to come? I know of place to stay.

The editor doesn't know what he'll be up to yet, but if it's possible, he may be in! Will contact you directly...

That video is hot!

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