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November 20, 2008


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Hey, hey, hey now.... Don't hate me... Hate this little slice of windsurfing paradise named Cape Hatteras, if you're going to hate anything!!

I'll do my best to push some wind up your way this weekend, sounds like you could use it!

Hmm. Looking at those numbers, I should be MUCH better at windsurfing than the hack that I am...

Hate Hatteras? Never! I (we) hate that you live there, and we do not. Nobody should get to live there...instead, access should be limited to those worthy windsurfers willing to make the pilgrimage (minimum of 200 miles) for up to two weeks of OBX, and then leave, wondering when they'll ever get to return.

And so on.

I'm overdue (haven't been since April.)

I have no idea how many days I've sailed this year, but it's definitely a lot more than ever before.

Next year I'm going to try to windsurf as much as possible and do a session count. It seems like if you could stay injury free over the summer in SF, you could get about 70-80 days at least. Spring is supposed to be good too, but I don't know if 150 is feasible.

Don't know Andy, but I certainly HATE the fact he can be out on the water so many days each year! Why are some people so lucky? I know I'm lucky living in warmer climes, but if there isn't much wind thats not so lucky. Having said that yesterday got the better of me.................4m and just could not control it any more after a few runs. Couple of guys were over on 3.5!

Talking of warm windy places - all year round ... we moved to one (El Medano, Tenerife, Canary Islands) last year and have had a good year. I sailed about 200 days in our first year here :-)

Some places are really windy for some of the year (Jeri, Cape Town, WA, Maui ?) but not many are windy all the year ... and those are the places to seek out !

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