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December 08, 2008


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Wow, that water looks pretty chompy!

glad you scored. I was pretty bummed to not beable to get out to the coast to hit it. It was cold, but sunnny which would have made all the difference. any ice on the sails during the unrigging process?!

It was great to have you out with us Western LI guys. I am SOOOO Sorry for the near collision. It was totally my fault! I had to rig down to the 4.2 after the "incident" as well. My body is so trashed today.

Frank, given how it all worked out, the moment was hilarious! And had I misplayed one of the gusts it could have been me t-boning you. Meanwhile I too am feeling yesterday big time.

George, I didn't have any icing...I don't think we got below 32 degrees.

Hey Aaron the catapult...I gave you a run for your money yesterday plowing into a sand bar. I received at least one thumbs up...I'd like to think you would have approved as well.

It's amazing how happy people are about breaking their boards in two! A couple of guys out here have done that and they come off the water with the biggest smiles you have ever seen on their faces! So it must have been the way out jumps that finally did the job that made it all worthwhile.

Glad you made it out Michael, great to see you! Firstly, please come next time at dead low tide and you will see all the sand bars. It's not so bad even at dead low to find your way out without a "Kapow". Secondly, don't land on the beach where GM broke down. When you are underpowered you will never get off the beach - huge wind hole. Lastly and most important, that's me with the orange sail in those class 5 rapids. See Ya soon Bro!!

It is an odd thing to be stoked about breaking a board, but so true. Maybe cuz it was probably a big move in some rad conditions that did it. In fact i thought i'd broken my board last month back in Assateague, and was stoked about it. Maybe its the prospect of the now having to replace it?! however, now i'm rather despondent over the fact that the board is fixable, and a new board wont be coming on santa's sleigh. Oh well, try -try again. Maybe i can break her in two tomorrow, gonna be windyyyyyyyyyyyy.......

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