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January 09, 2009


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Now that sounds like a really shit day! As for your snowy surfing conditions..........not so sure I could cope with that amount of cold!

great write up. yep, maui has nothing on the east coast in terms of getting out clean. fun stuff

LOL, awesome! This spot sounds diabolical.

It turns out the Revere Beach in Boston, which gets
some very fine head-high waves, has the same issue,
except that there are *three* break points; and the
undertow is this grinding, sucking beast that just
rips the gear out of your hands when you go down.
It can be simply impossible sometimes to launch
there, even when you're staring at these perfect sets.
You'll have to give it a try sometime!

OK. I feel like a complete wimp. Last Sunday we had a frostbite series at the club. I woke up with a slight hungover, figured it was too cold and stayed home. I felt slightly ashamed all day. I now feel humbled. You guys are hard core

Adam, they are hard core....or just fucking drunk.

Great story Mike, kept me locked in. I missed the last two NW days due to work so your adventure was riveting. I'm glad no one got hurt.

Pav: Work? What are you thinking?

Adam: Truth be told I sail terribly if I'm the slightest bit hungover. Not that I sail very well to begin with.

Joe: You know how I always say the crew is not crazy? This day was over the line! When Frank and I got to the knife I'm sure my jaw was on my chest. I wish I'd been man enough to pull off the launch, though. Maybe next time.


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