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February 02, 2009


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Scary is what my mouth looked like 15 minutes later. I snapped some photos with my cellphone, but they are just too nasty to post. Suffice it to say my lip looked bad. I still have quite the scab, though the puffy-ness is almost gone.

What's genuinely scary about ice windsurfing are the guys in ice boats who are drinking while they're out there. Some of these folks are getting up to 50mph or more, have poor breaks and marginal steering. And a buzz on. The guy who ran down Peconic Jeff..I wonder what was going through his mind. Single malt scotch, perhaps?

If I said it once, I'll say it twice, John "Fucking" Wayne. God damn it, I need to drink some scotch. Excuse me while I leave the room.

I've uploaded some photos from the day while resting my aching bones. They are viewable in full-screen mode via the slideshow link.

Nice slideshow, Jeff. Been talking with K-Dog about his freestyle stance on the ice...he says he jibes into back-to-front! Would like to try that (would like to just watch it, heck!)

Joe, you gotta get out there and get dinged yourself...and then get the photo! When I look at that shot now what sticks out is how all the blood is on my bottom lip. All the actual damage is on my upper lip, which isn't too pretty three days after the fact.

ouch. Did you leave any lipstick on the boom?

Lipstick, no. Lip, yes.

The good news is that today my mouth is looking normal...I don't feel the need to explain what happened without being asked!

A war wound to be proud of! Even though it does look like lipstick.

ice sailing is canceled
I wiped out on a duck jibe gone squirely and landed on my shoulder. good thing I had on a helmet or I would have been hospital bound for sure. Shoulder crushed big time. The most pain I have had since a teenager. Was there with a doc. No permanant damage but still sore. 2 weeks later. missed this weekend due to recovery.

I hear you, Peter. To me the biggest single difference in windsurfing ice is not the ice, but the increased peril. It doesn't keep me off the ice, but it certainly causes me to sail conservatively.

Good luck with the shoulder. I unfortunately have a lot of experience with physical therapy and surgery for shoulders...if you ever want to have a talk about that let me know and we'll talk directly. Meanwhile, put some ice on it and rest! Good luck with that Peter.

Full Hockey Gear required for this sport! Including helmet with face cage.


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