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April 27, 2009


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That video is pretty unbeleivable, that backflip off the tree is mind boggling.

Any way you can check your email when you get a chance? I'm considering driving down to long island from Nova Scotia later this week to windsurf a few days and just sent ya a few questions.

Thanks a lot, great blog...

Got your reply, thanks...

That video was filmed by a lad called Dave Sowerby who himself is a very handy rider...

I haven't figured out exactly how they are all linked but there's obviously a bit of scene at the moment with BMX in Scotland


People like Tom Burns, Dave Sowerby and Danny are all doing good stuff and just importantly quite sharp with the PR...

Its brilliant to live in Edinburgh and know that there are people here really being imaginative in their interests...

All the better for the fact that they are tne next generation coming up.

More people like this please...

"More people like this please..."

Indeed, Mark! And Edinburgh is pretty great as it is.

Not off topic really....a bunch of windsurfers bike as well for cross training & fun. I love this video....funny you posted this as I was getting ready to as well since a friend sent this to me.

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