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May 15, 2009


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interesting. my stuff that is over 10 years old is about the same as yours... downhaul tool, fins, heck and a bunch of sails clogging up my garage that i can't seem to get rid of either via a swap, or worse.
i'll hang onto them for sentimental value, plus i just like looking at em. its like a library of books i've read and collected. Every time you pass by and see them, you're reminded of a great story/sesh

For some reason I don't get sentimental about sails. Boards, on the other hand...I hate parting ways with a board. In 1999 I sold a 1994 Bic Tempo to a friend. He replaced it a few years later, and somehow in 2005 I found the board in a junk heap behind Windsurfing Hamptons (I write on my boards so they're easy to identify). I rescued it from the heap and brought it home, where I use it as a drag board. I had my first Hatteras session on her, and it pleases me to still be able to touch it.

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