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May 12, 2009


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Thanks Mike for the plug. Lots of community and yacht club sailing programs could use a windsurfing instructor for privates and group lessons. A certified windsurfing instructor could create a program at their repective yacht clubs. With Nevin Sayre's BIC Techno 293 program, it's a great addition to a Yacht Club's menu for junior and adult sailors. Let all grow a windsurfer.


Yes! My teaching success rate went up 1000% after I took the instructor certification course. It's worth every penny.

Ned Crossley is one the most generous windsurfers I've ever met. He's spent more time with me, for free, in working on my skills. He's one of the best windsurfers on the Hudson. Anybody who takes this course will be in good hands with Ned. I wish I could.



Ned's a good guy... wish I could make it...

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