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June 29, 2009


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yup, i was pretty horrified too when i saw the state my uni's were in. I'll be checking my all the time, which means don't use loctight.

Just make sure to replace the safety line with a spectra line and you'll always be able to sail back even if the tendon breaks.

Dude, that just happened to me about two weeks ago! I was leaving Dougs after an intense 3.7 day and I looked down at my rig to see the uni was splitting. I was sooooo lucky it didn't pop on the water!

I use the most recent tendon from Chinook (http://www.chinooksailing.com/products/product_info.php?cPath=2_31_32&products_id=109) which has a sturdy safety band instead of a thin rope. That should allow you to sail back to the beach in case of a joint breakdown....does anyone have experience on the reliability of the new joints?

I bought the same one as a replacement, Tony...may they serve us well! Meanwhile I regularly check the retainer line and replace as necessary. I once had to sail about five hundred yards with just that length of Marlow for a uni...it worked well. You can stick a booty under the damaged UJ to prevent it from tearing up the board's deck.

Interestingly, I've found that the yellow Streamlined tendons tend to last _a_lot_longer_ than the black Chinook ones. YMMV, but for me, that's held true so far. I guess Dave Dominy knows from urethane...

U can use blue 242 locktite, NON permanent. my Fiberspar also lost a nut, most disturbing. AND the PIN that goes into the extension broke, a bad design of a round pin screwed into a square hole-doh!! oh yeah, broken 2 of their tendons as well. so inspect and be careful w the nuts!!

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