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June 12, 2009


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Nice reporting Jon! I think the editor has some competition.....Hopefully we'll get you back from the Gorge in the fall.

Nice recap Chachi.
Just to add a little post-session tidbit - when I spoke to Caesar that evening about how the x-session went, he graciously acknowledged and praised the skill level of our locals.
He also, in a modestly honest way mentioned how he "did not want to push the envelope, so he held back and did only his safe moves".
So even though you saw him seemingly defy laws of gravity and physics, he apparently kept the hard stuff in his pocket.
Maybe he'll whip them out next time, something to look forward to.


Great coverage. Kudos to all the competitors! The level of competition was so high. I couldn't even name 90% of the tricks; let alone do them! This "next generation" has breathed new life into a dying sport, that was once only worshiped by a few 40+ year old's left over from the 80's.

Awesome, well done Jon! Hopefully next year the wind will bring the action closer to shore, and with twice as many competitors.

Great narrative John and great to see you at the ECWF.

i liked the event there...it was fun and i hope to come back next time...thank you all for showing us a good time...see you next year or sooner...

ps. You haven't heard the last of me

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