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July 01, 2009


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This is one of the most terrifying posts I have ever read. You windsurfers don't do know how to do anything gently.

Yours in awe


Adam me droog...I nearly get eaten by a shark but you find having to swim after gear in the waves scary? What if one of you sailboat guys falls off the boat while sailing solo? The boat sails off into the sunset (or the shipping lanes)! If I sailed a sailboat I'd be shackled to the thing. Windsurfing is easy.

Hey we're past due for a beer, or maybe even a blogfest...

Prepare by swimming laps :) it helps

Although i get funny looks when i show up at the Y in my wetsuit...

EEK — I swim to relax, not to save my life or life's savings!!! This site is definitely scary.

so I'm not the only one, huh? here's my story about gear problems from Tuesday, the day of great wind. I went out early on my Exocet Pacer hybrid board with 7.5 early in the day, non-planing tacking and jibing practice. Then the wind starting coming up, and just as I was about to start fully planing, a screw pulled out of sailworks adjustable harness lines. got back to beach, put in new screw. wind is now too much for that combo. was so excited to be able to get back out in 20 knot winds after appendectomy (finally) that I rigged 5.5 and went out on rrd fsw 102 c/k. yeah, the really light, really cool love of my windsurfing life. well, so excited was I that I discoverd after sailing for a while that I had left the vent screw out. immediately brought board into beach, turned upside down. walked 3/4 mile to 1 mile back to van to get vent screw, walked back to board, put in screw, continued sailing until too tired. (had biked 20 miles that morning trying to get back into shape a bit) brought sail and board up to derigging area. detached sail from board, turned around to take off booties and a gust blew bottom of board against mast base - and you guessed it, ding in bottom of board that I know have to fix. at least in a white area. so to review, at least 3 gear problems, probably all self-inflicted due to being away from wsing for too long.

to recap my entire year - in the fall missed almost all of it from ABK camp on because had to take care of my mom (alzheimer's) while my dad was in hospital and rehab for spinal stenosis. bright spot - 35th high school reunion. then, I had a scare with possibility of thyroid cancer for about a month until tests proved negative. but, now on thyroid medication. bright spot- after christmas starting getting together with nice (or so I thought see later) woman that I had a crush on since like 2nd grade that I saw again at reunion. another bright spot - bonaire then appendicitis - emergency appendectomy on Mother's day - no windsurfing until this past monday. then tuesday's events highlighted above, although nice to get back wsing and planing again. then, the nice woman all of a sudden is not answering or returning my phone calls for the past couple of weeks for no reason. cooked her lobster on memorial day, sent her sick dog a gift, what the heck? you'd think at age 53 and both of us single she could at least tell me why, right?

anyway, the point of all this is that I can totally relate. no sympathy desired or needed, just facts. I hope things get better soon. did have a pretty good school year, though.

oh yeah, not to bore everyone, but somehow on Tuesday I ended up with a nice big scrape/gash in my side from rear of fin when thrashing about in the water after yet another jibe attempt (just got an email from woman mentioned above, call tonite, we'll see)
what a year!

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