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August 31, 2009


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AWESOME!! We want to see P-Jeff in action too!

Indeed we do want to see Jeff on the waves...he's much better to watch than me. The good news is that Jeff has a new camera, which should facilitate this. The bad news is that when I took photos of him on this day he didn't choose to post any. I will endeavor to get some quality shots of him in the future!

All right Mike, you just need combidend SUP and photography lessons!! Just kidding, well done guys you make me craving for a SUP or a 8' longboard....

Photos and video were good entertainment, you're a "natural" (entertainer, not surfer. Stay with the former, work on the latter).

:D Nice!

Any time you spend playing in the waves on any type of board will make you a better sailor/surfer/general wave rider!! Keep at it!

Hilarious! It was fun at the beach, but funnier on the Peconic Puffin. Keep it up, you learned quickly from those inevitable begginer missteps. Your flatwater practice in the creek helped too.

The water and surf have been beautiful here on LI thanks to the tropical systems passing offshore. I have some more good shots to post, including some glassy waves from this morning.

I love the comment from Jeff in the Video. It says it all! Oh Jeez!! We had a blast this past Saturday Night and I herd Sunday was better at the secret launch? I Know PJeff knows about it, where were You?

Welcome...to more time on the water!

Michael, get your crew together and come join us in OBX Sept 26-Oct 3....hopefully we'll have some waves to play in then as well.

And you call yourself a chimp, loved the blog,
the wipe out was hilarious! (been there)Lets go to OBX as Mac suggests!

And just like in windsurfing... you will spend the rest of your life [and probably, the rest of your money] in an attempt to re-create that feeling you got on your first ride. Welcome to the tribe.

Frank, you are so right! A post on my second SUP session comes tomorrow...I caught a "real wave" and well...you know what that means because you wrote it above!

It's always nice to see a grom catch his first wave.

Grom? Joe me droog, stay tuned. We really should meet in the wet! I envision an excellent west coast session, followed by premium sake. It's in our future.

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