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September 25, 2009


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It was so great seeing so many people not only listening, but hanging on every word of Andy's looping instructions when I pulled into Napeague. While I was rigging, everybody was raving over the tips that they got from Andy and how they improved already!

And yes, I'm one sided. I'm perfectly happy being one sided. It's true many of the harder moves I can only do on one tack. But step back and think. It takes just as long to learn to vulcan on port as it does on starboard. Why not try vulcans on port and shuvit's on starboard? It will double your trickery in half the time!

Here's some proof that being one-sided, isn't necessarily one-sided at all. And yes, every single move in this video, I can only do on the tack I'm doing here, but if I wasn't doing it on only one tack, then half the moves wouldn't be there in the first place: http://vimeo.com/4840967/

It was only windy AND warm because I wasn't there. Not that much wind this weekend because I can go sailing this weekend.

oh well, hope you all have fun and learn alot at ABK, I did last weekend (no wind then either).

I want to be like Mike! I personally don't see the appeal in swinging (vulcans) both ways.

No wind, Dennis? Were you at the same clinic that I heard all the racing stories from? We're going to have a special report on that clinic soon, and wind will be in it ('cause that's what people told me they had for the slalom races!)

And of course we had wind this weekend too...

There was wind for the racing clinic weekend on Friday. Of course, I could only make it for Sat and Sun. But, it was fun because the light wind called for tactical light air racing.
Glad you all had wind for the freestyle weekend.

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