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September 11, 2009


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Awesome! looks great. We had a great day in Matunuck RI yesterday as well. Looks soo clean there in the bowl. We gotta get down there next time its lining up that good. Video of that day? any more pictures

More photos and video coming soon from Jeff...we're held up because it's blowing and we need to sail some more!

epic! must be nice to have others to sail with. what i'd give to share my beach with more than one sailor.


Wow, incredible!

Damn, I should have made the trip to Matunuck. Those conditions seem to have come out of the blue.

Awesome!!! Some great shots. It looks like everyone on Long Island had great session. I know guys had a killer session at Demo too with mast high sets and down the line on the same wave for 1/4 mile.

We hit it good at heckscher too with a sick 3.7 freestyle session.

Seems like every time Graham comes to LI we have epic conditions. Can anyone convince him to move here and ditch that silly place called Maui for the summer.

Woooooooooooo Hoooooooooooo!!!!!!

Mike, this is the sickest post you have done on a looong time (at least since when I read your blog, 1-2 months ;)) The East End like Maui, I mean same waves, same people. This time I have a good reason for missing the good wind on the island. Enjoy while it last!

Those are some sick waves but I see you guys are wearing full suits. Is summer really over? Always hate hanging up my shorty.

yeah i missed it......hate it when work intereferes with windsurfing,especially at the bowl!!

Looks like a great sesh! Congrats on your best wave (and working-over) to date! On a separate note, it's pretty cool to see what the pros can do at your local launch, eh?? Sheesh, makes you realize what can, in fact, be done out there... rendering all excuses pertaining to having "the right conditions" null and void!

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