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September 29, 2009


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Ha! The Bozos don't realize that it's all about having fun. Kite guys overall are fairly good, it's those Fort Point surfers that you have to watch out for. The freaks will try and drown you if you dare to encroach on "THEIR" territory. It's enough to keep a guy in his Force 5.

Mike you are too kind. That guy was a F#@#*%# asshole!

Mike, I don't help launch or land kites, I've seen too many accidents...and I don't want their widow suing me

Find out if he windsurfed. If he didn't...Bet him a grand that you can learn to kiteboard and stay upwind before he can get in the straps and planing. Guaranteed win :) kiteboarding is easy.

Josh, that would be shooting fish in a barrel. He hasn't windsurfed, by the way...he has no idea. And I have tasted the kiting experience...it just wasn't for me.

George M...I hadn't thought about liability. Maybe I'll switch to just helping them land kites ("I was trying to help, your honor!") It's a drag to think about law suits.

Vulcan George (member of the "second third" described in the post, obviously) I'm thinking that a little bit goes a long way.

I want some "life lessons" because I must be missing something.?
Kite Chump, if you actually knew how to windsurf we could have a decent debate. You don't, so we won't. All sports have a time and place that each will excel - FYI Kiteboarding has been canceled in under 8 and over 30 knots for everyone but the elite, stupid or ignorant. I love to kite when the conditions are good for kiting, I also love to windsurf when it's good for Windsurfing - same holds true for Surfing, Standup and Golf. I'm embarassed for and by the Chump.

It's a fragile ego, indeed, that can't abide others' happiness. Poor chump.

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