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October 12, 2009


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Fantastic recap! And Bravo to the Peconic Puffin for getting the word out, and being our publicity master! Without you, this would not have been as successful of an event! Bravo! Bravo! :)

Bravo Mike and thanks to Jimmy the photoman. So nice to participate with great windsurfing folks. Thanks again to Thom Hering and Jill for organizing the event. Jennie had a great time so I'll be forced to come to the spring event, I'm sure.

What a blast! Perfect spot to wind fetch of the day. Tons of laughs. Team relay was awesome, the girls rocked, and you are right, Bill, George, Kevin, Pete, and at least 6 others were super performers avec d'windsurfer.


Mike, great job! It was good to meet you, Ned, and a few other enthusiasts who I never met before. It was also great to connect with familiar faces from past and present sessions. I can't wait for next season's racing series, but I am going to need to work on jibing for sure. I thought this was going to be some nice mellow course racing in sub planing conditions, but noooooo! Balls-to-the-wall on the verge of exploding slalom all day long. See you on the water soon!

Bill De George

Bill, do us all a favor and DO NOT work on jibing...you mopped up as it is! The "mellow course racing" is fun too, and it's when Pete Roesch becomes particularly dangerous.

See you on the water!

It was lotsa fun. I like how you guys are talking about working on jibing better, I need to continue working on jibing....period!!

Woo hoo! It's really cool how y'all pulled off this event. :)

What a fantastic race report!

The Lone Windsurfer of Jamaica Bay was out yesterday - I wonder why he wasn't out on the south fork?

Thanks everyone for a great day on the water!!! I had a lot of fun and it was really fun to meet so many great Long Island sailors. It can be a little intimidating sailing within a new community but everyone was extremely nice, encouraging, and helpful. So thanks!!! Also, huge thanks to everyone who organized and ran the event. My only regret was that we were not able to stay for the relay race and happy hour. Why don't house guests understand the standard wind clause?

Looking forward to the next race and I hope to see everyone out on the water before that.

awesome ya'll scored. we where prepared to make the trip, but the saturday forecast on the delaware bay just couldn't be passed up.


Christina, great meeting you!

George, sorry you missed it...great organized events are few and far between...come to our next one!

Bonnie, West Neck is on the north shore of Long Island, in the Huntington area btw. We would have been happy to have The Lone Windsurfer of Jamaica Bay, anyway!

Great summary of the races. I never new racing could be so much fun. It's too bad we didn't have a jibe buouy near the beach as there would have been some great wipeout photographs. Jibing while way overpowered in choppy waters is challenging enough, but adding the element of avoiding the other sailors already down and those sailing just in front about to go down made for a whole new experience.

Thanks to the organizers. It was great meeting everyone. Hopefully I'll see you all out on the water a lot this fall. I just hope the winds line up with the weekends.
Thanks again.

oops. I just assumed this was all going on in your usual area!

I don't know who the Lone Windsurfer is, but I see him out there fairly regularly. Always wondered why there aren't more windsurfers in J-bay. He was heading our way yesterday I thought he was going to come join us in a couple of races yesterday, but he veered off - I guess it really wouldn't be much of a contest between a windsurfer and a bunch of Lasers & Sunfish (especially Sunfish, but aren't windsurfers faster than most dinghies?)!

Ted, I'll pass on the thought about the inside jibe marker (I was thinking the same thing.) Meanwhile did you look closely at the Lemans start photo? It's the one in which I skewered your boom!

Bonnie, windsurfers are faster than ALL dinghies on a beam reach and off the wind.

Yes, I did notice that's the photo where I took you out on the start. For having a jibe buouy near the beach, I'd like to suggest two laps, but I can't because halfway through the 1st race, with the adrenalynn pumping, I was already beginning to get tired. (And we had 5 more races to go) I really was surprised at how much fun the racing was. It's been a while since I felt so sore after a day of sailing but I also haven't been out in a while.

I'm jealous! But I'm vicariously enjoying it via
the interweb.

-- Larry (writing from Kobe, Japan)

WOW!!!!!! that sounded like fun, guys! see you next year

Spectacular!! Congratulations to all the participants and the organizers....Really hope I can make the next one, I'm not good at sailing with a foot in a cast.. What about a spring regatta beginning of May '10?????

That is awesome!! Nice work, everyone!

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