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October 09, 2009


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Scheme being BEAT PETE AT ALL COSTS???

Well, as I'm laying awake pondering your grand scheme at 2:30AM, the only thing I can figure is that you plan on starting off on starboard tack. You'll use the brand new JP strap to be sure you have the ability to push fully on the fin giving you maximum speed ensuring you get to the mark in first place. The Naish strap is there for you to look down at and think about Robby blasting along in his RIP video (He was on starboard tack for that famous shot) You will visualize yourself going as fast as Robby was going and you WILL go fast, you NEED to go fast. Again, just to make sure you are first to the mark. From there, the best I can figure is that as you round the first mark you plan on being run over by Pete who's fin will dismember your 4 smaller toes on your right foot making the F2 strap in the rear port position a perfect fit for your big toe that remains perfectly intact. Then the Bic strap is there for you to look down at as a constant reminder that your rear foot is in almost as bad shape, becasue of Pete who proceeded to passed you, so you'd better get on it and catch up. Looks like a sure bet for victory!!!
Have fun tomorrow/today. Wish I could have made it.

Seeing as each probably comes from another era we are talking inspiration from the great stars here. So I would say the Bic one would give you Robert Teritehau dare devil go for it attitude, the F2 one would give you rock solid iron man Dunky strength for the 30knot gusts, the Naish one would help to give you style and the JP one would give you attitude. So put them altogether and watch out West Neck Beach here he comes!

He isn't the once and future King of the East for nothing, ladies and gentlemen. Mike Burns figured out my grand scheme, and its futility. Pete is going to cream me, like he always does.

Honorable mention to Bunty (thanks for your support!) and Jill (who will probably pass me on the water as well.)

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