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October 13, 2009


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Hey, I like the guy with the sail # 11111, who is he? Looks like a pro!

Third Race: I was the guy 200 yards ahead who got too close to shore. It was amazing as I was getting closer to shore, it felt like I was getting sucked downwind. I don't know if there is a current there, but it sure felt like there was one. I also blew my tack, got up, went about 20 feet, fell again, then fell on another tack. I think I finished in the middle of the pack. I was pretty worn out by then and well overpowered. It was the last race right? Nope, after lunch we decided to go with 3 more slalom races.

I would like to post my results verbally, as something went horribly awry w the calculations. 1st: I was late, a little hungover, not even enough time to put on a wetsuit. 2. although I had let Jill know in advance I wanted to race, I missed the skippers mtg, so I am strictly UNofficial
3. JEff T "lent" me his #, so I jumped in on heat 3, 2nd to the Mark but came off a plane and ended up in the back half of the fleet.
4. Subsequent non-team race finishes for K-dog were 4th, 2nd, and 4th. throw out the first race and I am in what place,hmmm? :)
5. Last race, first leg of the team, I came in First, so it's 4,2,4, and a 1. Oh yeah, I creamed Mike Alex to take the win! :)
What fun, my heart rate was through the roof, esp when I was 2nd (3 times) or 3rd (once) to the windward mark. Being 1st to the mark is strangely calming!
thx again Race Committee
K dog

Sounds like a ton of fun...I need to find a way to join you guys for some racin' in LI.

Mac, stay tuned for more racing plans, though for now any "official" races are not slated until next Spring.

Kevin, nothing went wrong with the calculations. If you inquire with the race committee they will spell out for you why you came in 19th place, and also that you won no races at all. As for you and me, we raced two races against each other...in the first you finished second while I finished fifth, in the second you finished fourth while I won. I suspect you're confused about the relay race...it's true that you crossed the finish line before me, but you also left the beach before me. In any event, neither of our teams won the relay race (your team came in second, mine in third).

I don't think you'd disagree with the statement that you're not a big fan of rules (which is fine with me) but if you're going to participate in organized events you're going to have to get used to playing by the same rules everyone else is.

You exhibited alot of potential. And next time I'll bet you do much better if you:
- do less partying the night before
- arrive on time to sail all the races
- use 1 sail number throughout the regatta to avoid confusion by scorekeepers
- wear a wetsuit to keep (the muscles?) warm
- not include relay race scores with your individual scores

But we loved your enthusiasm and spirit, and feel you're capable of finishing in the top 15 next regatta.
See you at the EC Spring Warm-Up Regatta in May!

to Regatta Mgt.,

Thank you sooo much for organizing these races, I am already prepping myself for May!! Woo-hoo!!

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