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November 17, 2009


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I am proud of your efforts, but where are the photos? Isn't Jeff digitally enhanced to capture every event on the waters off of Peconicville?

"you know you're kooking it" - I know that feeling...but its still so fun, isn't it?

Jeff's camera was flooded when a seal wasn't closed properly. In addition to great photos of an excellent (for everyone else) SUP session, he also missed an incredible pair of sun dogs that accompanied the sesh.

The perfect waterproof digital pocket camera has yet to be invented (when it is, Jeff will use it and I will have more photos to...um...borrow.)

Mike, you weren't kooking it - you were ruling it! Nice drop.

The camera is drying out next to a radiator and open window - incredibly it's been turning on with the display flickering back to life, so all is not lost.

It was frustrating to see so many beautiful photo opportunities go by. The clean waves and long lefts, the fiery sunset, two brilliant sun dogs, and wave riders enjoying every minute of it.... a stellar sesh!

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