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November 10, 2009


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Mike, is this the kind of post to make??? Now you remind me how dangerous windsurfing is and, for fear to break something else, I'll rather play golf!! ;))) Local guys check craigslist for a good deal on used windsurfing equipment (mine for sale).

Hey Tony...I don't know what I'm doing. Meanwhile "how dangerous windsurfing is"? Golf is much more dangerous than windsurfing (seriously...I'm fairly sure the fatalities per 1000 is higher for golf. Lightning!)

Got anything good you want to sell?

Mike, that was a joke! I'm getting in to golf therefore my WS stuff is for sale (ah ah!). You guys always ready to jump on good deal huh!? ;) BTW I'm more a compulsive buyer than seller of WS equipment.

"Heal well, all ye who get tweaked while windsurfing!"

so: that should handle bones, wrists, ankles. What do we incant for your CPU's that make you go out there in winter in the first place?

that photo is lunar! otherworldly! (nice one, Jeff!) It is so beautiful to look at. I don't need to be numbed & churned in it. But, I guess you guys do! have FUN!

Dam I thought he told me 4 weeks, my hearing must be tweaked.

Ouch, get well soon Jon!

Thanks for the photo nod bowsprite, but truth be told it's actually a video still. Hopefully we'll get some new action shots tomorrow...

get well soon Jon we miss you out there!!!!!shralp on!CD

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