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November 04, 2009


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Standard, have been trying to find a way to improve / build confidence for looping between super windy days.

Nice instructional video...we shall see...

I love that approach! I'm gonna watch it all winter in anticipation of next season's first loop!!!

Hi guys and Jill Marr,
I am happy that you like the loop special in 4 steps.
Just would like to let you know, that this loopspecial has been produced by continentseven.com, not by Tonix and it was placed on the selling DVD "7 sons of freestyle" as an extra. Strange, what people place on Youtube nowadays without asking the producer. No interests in copyright rules!

thanks and good luck with the loop training,
Chris Pressler

editor in chief
Mag. Christoph Pressler
[email protected]
[email protected]

Hi Chris,

I just added the "7 Sons" info to the blog post, and emailed you directly for more information on what you'd like me to do. It sucks to have your video youtubed without permission!

This is a great instructional. I love the approach he's taking. Getting around is easier to do planing, so if you figure out how to take the board with you while non-planing, don't hesitate to try it planing. It's ll in your head!!! Also, I know he mentioned it towards the end, but you have to bare off the wind to rotate in a spin instead of end over end, so be sure to bare off and give it a go!

Hi guys! I was merely "Sharing" something that was already circulating onto my page.. I had previously seen this loop special, as I do own the 7 sons DVD....
My sincere apologies for sharing something that may not have been authorized..
I'll throw and land a loop to make it up to you!

For the record, I did not post this on u tube...

Of course Jill didn't! also for the record I've reviewed this directly with Chris and he's fine leaving the clip here.

One of the best bits of instructional video I have seen. I need to go onto Continent7 more often and browse thru their stuff.

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