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November 23, 2009


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And basil. Don't forget the basil.

Hooray! Next, I want to see you out there on a longboard without the broom.....actually that wave looks good for bodysurfing also. I'm glad to see that Jeff came prepared.

Basil and cucumbers.....hmmmmm....a basil surfing on top of a cucumber. I feel a logo coming on.

I would be verrrrrry careful Puffy! Of late I have too gone off topic posting about things like the Environment and Pirates only to savaged some very right wing johnnies for being a whining liberal.

Today it's paddle-surfing. Who knows where this will lead.

All that aside, Happy Thanksgiving mate.

Beer before Christmas?

Yes Adam it's true, but yours is a respectable blog, whilst mine is...well...

I like environmental posts just fine. An your recent pirate item was as chilling as you said. I hope those people are okay. The last time it was an American taken by pirates our lefty president sent in the seals to kill the pirates and rescue the hostage. Complete success, though I'm sure the former VP (with his pink padded draft-avoiding ass hiding in some secure location) found it wanting.

Yes we must have that beer...we should reconvene the NY Waterblogfest!

will someone teach me how to surf?
looking at this, I am somehow under the delusion it is fun.
I like the logo idea!!! on the jar of PeconicPuffin/Frogma line of pickles.

happy thxgiving, Gang! xoxoxoxox c!

Yes Bowsprite it is fun! There's got to be surfing somewhere near the Kill Van Kull and wherever you do your water watching (Rockaway? Northern NJ?) We should discuss at the next blogfest.

Pesto pickles.

Blogfest? When? Today tomorrow & Wednesday are going to be miserable. Like dang I should bring my sleeping bag to work miserable. But after that, life should calm down, got no plans for the holidays except chillin', paddlin' & maybe quick trip to CT with TQ to see his folks for Christmas (I owe them, I stole their son away from them for Thanksgiving).

looking good Mike, great shots from P Jeff, the Wolf cut me off so I ran his SUP over, jus can not take your eye off him.... no dings no foul CD

CD brah when are we going to surf together? I need coaching!

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