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November 02, 2009


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Hey! I am the aforementioned Steve and I did have a great time. Truly. But after reading this, I feel some righteous anger is in order. But I can't muster it. It was after all, a realy great time. (P.S. When does the sand stop coming out of my ears?)

These conditions look a bit like our North Easterly conditions which I love not just for the waves but cos it means we can sail from one of the only sailable sandy beaches we have! Try surfing those kind of waves with the threat of being washed up onto sharp rocks riddled with sea urchins!! Consider yourselves lucky where you are cos you have such a vast choice of areas (with sandy beaches) to sail in sorts of wind directions, our choices are mainly down to two or three!

it wasnt perfect but it sure was fun! and it was on a sat.!!!!also my wifes & mine 44 yr. anniversery. thank u dear!

Did you get married when you were ten? 44???

Congrats Steve! I'll look forward to sailing with you and the boys soon.

looks like ya'll had a really good time. was there any decoupling going on?

Well personally I got decoupled from my gear for about two minutes. Also, coming down my personal steepest wave of the day I had serious concerns about being decoupled from my ass, but it all worked out fine.

Seriously though, the ocean is still relatively warm...in my limited experience we don't get decoupling on southerlies until late December the earliest.

all I can tell you is, yes it was a bit challenging, but the risk was worth the reward, and Scott your wife Kris is truly a saint!!!Congrats....CD

What brave souls are ye.

why thank u c.d. no mike we met on that date,married much later.

I was the good dad. Trick or treating with my little ones instead of wave sailing. Glad you guys got the rare Ditch session in!

that is the scariest thing I've seen this halloween.

That "smooth" thing -- reminds me a bit of when Lenny and I caught it on a Labor Day weekend many years ago.

THere was still some working going on. Inside flukiness etc., but the scariest thing...

Were the rusted out holes in the floor of LennyDaSquid's old dark blue Suburban, through which you could see the road rushing by underneath — all the way back to Port Washington — and Lenny saying I don't know how much longer this truck will last before the floor falls through. Niiiice!

Hey McPhilly!

I had a car like that in the 80's...I tried floormats to hide the holes...then one night taking a nice girl out on a date, I hit a large puddle. The force of the water knocked the floormat aside and gave the girl a face full of street puddle.

I did not do well that night, needless to say.

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