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December 31, 2009


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I'm so glad John caught my wave, it's so helpful to see oneself on video. I can see what looks halfway decent: wave positioning and timing; and what needs work: leaning forward and digging the rail on the bottom turn (just like jibing), hanging more on the boom for the cutback, and probably a number of other things I'm missing.

Now the question: how long will we have to wait for another chance at a frontside ride?

at least till next year......HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

You guy's should come out and sail Demo on a
E-NE and you will never sail any other place.

we have sailed demo a few times but theres nothing like the bowl!

I myself have yet to sail Demo (despite declaring it a New Year's Resolution in the past) and would like to check it out. And then sail the Bowl the next day!

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