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December 19, 2009


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its not even going to be above freezing!!!! whatch out for that monofilm...crrrraaaack.

Don't be a gurlyman, Scott! :)

Granted this is a bit of a hairbrained scheme, but it could be fun (for about 45 minutes)...

I'm just sitting here waiting for the wind and snow.

and you think im crazy.

Damn you windsurfer are wired differently

Temps topped out at 29.7F, just short of my minimum (and that's with sun). I've put up my whiteflag of surrender to pre-Christmas coziness, having set a fire in the fireplace and placed the tree in the stand. Time for some nog & grog!

Monofilm cracking below 32F? What's that, another urban legend?

hey tony have you ever sailed a monofilm sail in sub freezing weather? i can tell you this from experience....they crack, especially when derigging. urban legend, i think not.

So we should all get Superfreaks and winter sail on Dacron!

I have found that rolling up sails in the water when it's below 32 works well...then quick lean them on their side for some draining.

No Scott, I haven't. I thought you were joking...Well, if that happened to you consistently than I believe it. I just don't see the physical reason of that. Is the monofilm getting brittle? I thought that happens way below 32F....

yes tony brittle is the word, thats one reason i dont buy monofilm sails anymore. unfortunaely for us here on l.i. our best winds come in the winter months.

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