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December 13, 2009


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I'm with you. However, I'm more offended by the Stand Up or Shut Up statement. Is he a stick only surfer or a paddle assisted one? Did I mention that I get stocked by body surfing? (no sticks) I love paipos also. (mini sticks)

I'm with you Mr. Puffin, it's all about the attitude and aptitude of the rider, not the vessel. Beginners give SUP's a bad name to be sure, but there are also the typical problems with testosterone that cause trouble no matter what kind of boardrider you are. In my local break (Honoli`i) SUP's are there daily with few real issues- and I find I appreciate their riding, but then, there is that one asshole with the thick neck that paddles out to the front of the lineup after every ride in, and takes the very next set wave- and looks you in the face as he lumbers by to make sure you saw him. Fucking asshole.

I love a controversy! Enjoy every minute of it - he he!!

cant we just all get along ? thats why i love windsurfing so much,no line ups,no point breaks,nobody yellin "my wave"and no crowds!

Stand Up or Shut up? That sounds too much like My Way or the Highway. It's okay to have some pride in your sport, but why the need to pick on those who don't?

What would lay rest to this controversy (sorry Bunty) and keep everyone safe and happy is a review of Surfing Etiquette (see: http://www.surfinghandbook.com/knowledge/surfing-etiquette/ ). Especially:

Rule #7: Don’t be a wave hog.

Just because you can catch all the waves doesn’t mean you should. This generally applies to longboarders, kayakers, or stand up paddlers. Since it’s easier to catch waves on these watercraft, it becomes tempting to catch them all, leaving nothing for shortboarders on the inside. Give a wave, get a wave.

Yeah, I was thinking it was more about the bozo on the board (or in the kayak). What I've heard at the occasional surf-kayaking class I've taken is that we have a bad reputation because a lot of us don't pay attention to the basic etiquette.

And what Jeff said about Rule #7?

Suddenly I'm reminded of the one surfing surfing lesson I took a few years ago. It was on a big old sponge-topped newbie-friendly longboard -- I actually stood up on it standing still at one point, just to see if I could -- and even so, I was sort of blown away at the patience needed to catch a wave without a paddle. The young man who was teaching us totally earned his lesson fee just by knowing which waves were going to work & which ones weren't. I was wanting to go after everything, and he just sat there on his board saying "Not this one. Not this one. Not this one. THIS ONE! GO!!!"

I would've worn myself out in half an hour trying to catch the waves he told me not to bother with.

That paddle gives you so much more of a window of stuff you can get to - I can see how frustrating it would be to sit there waiting for the right wave & then have some bozo with a paddle - standing or sitting -snake it right out from under your nose!

I will keep this short and to the point,we live in the best country in the world, we have the freedom to choose, if you want to kite ,you can kite, you want to ride a SUP, then SUP, I find it insulting that others try to dictate to others what form of wrv they have to ride,I have seen grown men argue to the point where everyone in the water just wanted to leave. I sail,surf,sup, and one day will try kiting get in my way you negative morons and I might just run you over,this chimp will not be denied,Live Free or Die CD

I basically get on with everyone around me and also like to have a go at everything that is going on. The problems start when you come across someone on the water (who can also be someone who is doing the exact sport you are doing)who has a negative attitude and is acting in a dangerous way.............that is when my blood goes from a cool/tepid body temperature to overflowing bubbling hot! I'm a nice person really - honest!

Well as per CD's comment, I'm a-wanting to leave this thread. Scott...CD...Jeff: Let's call the Wolf and co. and get back on the water!

Mike I want santa to bring me wind and waves for X-Mass, you in?And Bunty I am right there with you, keep a positive attitude, I have found it goes a long way! CD

It's a beautiful world when Lord Chimpleton and Bunty of Malta can exchange views in The Peconic Puffin!

The "No Bozos" sticker was popular in surf shops all up and down the East Coast (U.S.A.) from the late seventies up until around 1990 when the real clown shut 'em down for copyright infringement - it was just the null symbol superimposed over Bozo's famous face . . . Whomever is responsible for the SUP stickers is just a purveyor of cheap imitations.

My only questions is: Where can I get one of those fabulous stickers?

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