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December 15, 2009


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Oh no! You didn't cut off the Doohickey!!!! Seriously, I don't think half the harnesses on the market are designed by people that actually windsurf. I've been using a "self customized" DaKine Nexus that I've been very happy with. But it has seen better days, so I picked up the new DaKine NRG. It's the replacement for the Nexus. I haven't used it yet, but my ankle is feeling a bit better, so I'm thinking I might give it a go on the next windy day.

Mike, maybe you want to skip the sliding backwards in the straps for a few session? :)

This harness has become a source of entertainment. The next piece (a flap that the factory MUST have put in the wrong place, IMHO) comes off tomorrow.

I personally like the Epic Gear Waist Harness. It is very simple with no extra fancy bits, has great back support and is very comfortable. At around $70 new, it is also a great price.

My Dakine T3 strap-slack is always coming out of it's sheath and getting in the way of my hook, but I have no idea how to fix it permanently.

Mike, I'm glad to hear I'm not the only Mike performing harness surgery! And I think you have a point about some of the designs (if I showed you this NP harness you wouldn't believe how ridiculous some of these components are.)

Aaron, I have a similar problem with the next doohickey I'm cutting off...it's no fun landing a jump or coming out of a jibe and having to struggle to hook in. If you can't cut the slack off, maybe you want to add something to the harness to better restrain the slack. I had Olaf at the Avon Sail Shop add things to my old Thermoform (a car key pocket, for example).

I have to say I would not swop my Neil Pryde harness for anything. It is a waist harness that has been integrated into a buoyancy aid. The spreader bar is attached with a toothed plastic thingy that goes into the spreader bar. I will be sorry when I have to finally ditch it once it has seen better days (have had it for around 5/6 years already and still going strong). As for excess bits of strapping flapping around - I hate that!

can you save those pieces for my next quilting bee, thx.

gale warning, snow...will the windsurfers be out there shredding this weekend while the kayakers look out our windows and grumble?

Bonnie, we're getting into true crazy here. Which means if I can get Peconic Jeff or the Wolf or Scott to join me, we'll be out for a little of it.

I actually had a close call because of adjustable harness lines. The the plastic handle on my MS line slid into my hook somehow. As I tried to unhook for a jibe I fell under the big sail and couldn't figure out why I couldn't disconnect. Luckily I was able to take get my head out of the water in front of the mast and eventually got the harness off. It took up hauling the sail to see the problem. I cut those off too. Scary.

Ralph, would that be a hang up like the one discussed in this post? I'm usually using a reactor bar (that doesn't have the opening) but I think putting a piece of duct tape across the top would be a good idea to prevent lines from getting in there and snagging.

Michael, it was exactly like the pic in the post. I was under a 9.5 and as usual sailing by myself. Very scary stuff and reading the full post was like reliving some close calls. I'm releived I'm not the only one thinking of carrying a knife.

Are there any harnesses that will release the bar on BOTH side? Thanks for the info all.

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