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December 02, 2009


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tis iph application is soo cool...



Does the scale only read to 25 mph?

BTW, between the iPhone and the US Winsurfing duds, you must get all the chicks!!!

Ah, I should address that in the piece, Brian. The meter does not top out as far as I can tell (I've seen it display up to 35 on the digital readout) though the "dial" portion does top out at "25+")

And yes, I'm quite the stylee stud! :)

it should read well over 35 thu.!!

A few days after I got my iPhone I made a statement that said it all: "that's the most useful piece of crap since the invention of the radio". Worth every penny.

Hi guys, we love the editor's review and your subsequent comments concerning our Wind Meter APP for the IPhone. Yes, we developed it, because we Kite Surf and Wind Surf, it does work as advertised for those with 3G iPhones.
We were wondering if you would be interested in helping us out with some reviews at the App Store, Apple-Itunes? We state it up front that, The Wind Meter was designed for "3G ONLY"! But, we have been getting some people who try it on their 2G or 3GS phones and of course it does not work for them. We are trying to accommodate these people and make a new version of the Wind Meter for them, it should be out soon.
Unfortunately, the people who own the "3G phone" where it does work great, often do not take the time to give us the reviews at the Apple APP store. We have been in the Top 20 Paid iPhone Weather APPs for 6 months straight, and a over-all rating of 2 1/2 stars which is not bad, but we sure could use the reviews from those of you who love our sport and who appreciate this kind of technology.

Thanks So Much for any possible reviews. Catching the Wind :-)

Rob Diller co-developer of the "Wind Meter"
@ GoingAPPS

excellent !!!!

Try dipping your iphone in saltwater. I did by accident and it said "Device not compatible". Which is the best euphemism for "Do this again and I'm f'ed"

I have the "wind speed" App on my iPhone and it seems to have some slight advantages:
1. it is free
2. it turns the display around, allowing you to put the microfone into the wind and still be able to read the display normally

As far as I remember my physics classes, sound is nothing but pressure waves and I guess this is what is actually measured by the microfone: the pressure of the wind on the membrane of the microphone. So your inaccurate car results will have nothing to do with the noise of the tiers but much more with the turbulence caused by the car it self.

And yes, the iPhone is a great tool for lots of things. You can even use it to make actual telephone calls ;-)

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