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December 20, 2009


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yeah, i'm pissed i couldn't get out there too. stuck in maryland.

You need to get a life, ever try snowboarding? I have a timber framed house in the white mountains of NH, lets all go up and Srallp some pow pow, picture yourself doing unlimited turns on an endless white wave! This girlyman would rather have shrinkage on the white stuff, tee hee! My buddy Dick,aka Aquaman, is a snowboard instructor an would have you carving in no time. He is a boarding bonobo of the north just ask kielt! Over and out............ CD

i believe we will get at least one more session in before the end of the year, temps start to climb into the 40s by christmas eve ! merry christmas everybody.

Mike, I must agree totally with CD....
I'm about to close the blog "for winter weather" and change the title to "Occasional snowboarding on the East coast"

But, on the other hand, we need Mike and the other nuts from the East End to entertain us (the gurlymen) during the winter....
So perhaps it's not a good idea to let Mike become addicted to snowboarding....:)

TonyWind do not get me wrong,if the ocean is going off, I am jumping in with the rest of the wind chimps. I would love Mike to share the thrill that snowboarding offers, could you imagine the blog if he was to get hooked on the sport, just imagine Mike shralping on a foot of champagne powder,we would never hear the end of it! Peace, CD

I agree; I think Mike should accept your offer pronto! Provided that he will later post the movie of his first run downhill!! ;)

Peconic Puffin:
Was that you the one who gave advice about winter sailing in a windsurfing mag (you had a red Bare on and a smiley face)?
And now you are telling me that you bailed because it was cold? Next time save yourself the drive, stay at home, and read about real windsurfers in Cape Cod (my previous spot) or better, come to the Midwest and I'll take you to the Great Lakes... nah... that may be too cold for you...

PS: I'm just kidding. I love your blog dude! As winter sailor myself, I'm just giving you a hard time. Safety first!

Something's not right...I can't believe you didn't sail!

When I saw the CNN International weather forecast and saw the weather you guys were having I wondered whether I would find a blog posting to say you had actually gone down in it! Well I wasn't far wrong. Wind here was border line yesterday with a Northerly breeze and damp weather..........it was really cold and that was around 13 CENTRIGRADE!! I would never manage what you do in the cold weather!!

So much fun to have, so little time! We just couldn't get it lined up this weekend...as even the master wind chimp CD points out, he'd eschew snowboarding for some primo ocean conditions...winter be damned!

Juan...yes that was me in Windsurfing Magazine...I'm a fraud. :) Actually the coldest I've ever sailed (and enjoyed it) was two years ago with Jeff...the air was 29 (-1 to you, Bunty!)degrees but the sun was out, which makes quite a difference.

Snowboarding?! That's all I need is something else to obsess on...I'm still in my early days of being in love with SUPsurfing...when are we gonna get some decent swell?!?

I'm glad I was not the only one who thought about going windsurfing Saturday,now I feel sane. I hope to catch that one more session in'09 with you guys.

Oh come on! I was eagerly awaiting a blizzard sail post. One with a photo of whiteout snow conditions where all you can see is the blur of the flakes closest to the camera. Then a small red arrow pointing into the abyss with a tag that says " Here I am ".

Geez, you east coast guys are hardcore! I'm such a baby, if it's in the low 50s I whine.

looks like a good bowl or ponquogue sesh this sat. i knew we would get one more in by the end of the year. MERRY CHRISTMAS !!!!! oh yes a balmy 40 degrees.

That's crazy indeed.Sailing in such cold waters is freezing......

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