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January 06, 2010


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sounds good to me. I hit the gym to help mitigate the threat and duration of injuries.

Hey Michael,

Here's a resolution for 2010: come to Maui, hopefully when I'm there! That is all I see that is missing from your sailing!

Have a great NEW YEAR!


Ely, you're the second person to suggest I sail Maui in the last twelve hours...perhaps I should add it to the list. (It's been a decade since my last session there, so I'm certainly DUE!)

I will be your board caddy, adopt me, I want to sail and surf Maui!

looks like we will be ice sailing here soon unless you go somewhere warm soon. jeff schlecta ice sailed lake ronkonkoma today! sharpen your blades chimps.

Happy new year Mike!!

may all your wildest resolutions come true!
Summer terrible? and what about 2008???? Last summer was very reasonable for a LI summer...

Tony, I track these things (being a preposterous windsurfing geek) and you have a point BUT...

Beginning with 1993 I've kept track of sailed summer days every year. 2008 was the worst year ever, and by a large margin. It was Le Big Poop. Atrocious. I've a friend (Boulos, are you reading? When are we going out for dinner?) who also logs this stuff and our notes agree.

But 2009 was still below average. Were it not for the new depths of bad set by 2008, 2009 would be considered a bad year.

It's one of the reasons I've taken up SUPsurfing. And of course there's nonplaning freestyle!

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