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January 29, 2010


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i just checked out jeffs video,really great footage. whats weird is how steady the cam is while everything else is moving !! great perspective.have u checked out the ice sailing video on i-windsurf ? pretty hot stuff.

Hey Scott, I found the ice video you were talking about, it totally kicks ass: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VHCVNjo-kXI It looks like we're gonna see an explosion of high-quality action videos with this new camera.

Awesome! I want a GoPro. By the bye, I have never seen that much layering on a surfer before....frio!

i'm really impressed by this!!! thanks for opening my eyes to the gopro. jeff has some fantastic videos there.

whoa!!! if I see a camera mounted on a shark's fin, I'll know that baby's yours!

"No windsurfers were harmed in the shooting of this video..."

Wow, incredible style! I hope you did not shit your self!!!!

Kurt, that stance is actually the surf yoga pose "downward poop", which could easily be mistaken as newbie style.

My own SUP surfing asana is "downward facing clown".

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