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February 12, 2010


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I have a 5.5 and a 5.0 set of Aerotech Charge Cuben Fiber sails that are for sale. They are the lightest sails available. I got them at the end of the season and will be getting replacements so not much use on either. They are not too mast specific and work in just about any mast although I did not like they way it looked on a pryde rdm. pics on iwindsurf.

Hey Michael,
Coincidentally, the new windsurfing mag has an article about the various sail materials, and the guy/company that makes all the films for sails.

mike i told you mono sucks, especially for slush nuts like us ! a little freeze
7 youve got cracks all over. maybe thats what happened to your 7.0

I don't know what a flapper is in windsurfing but the mental image I'm getting is one that makes me wish I had Bowsprite-like illustrational skills.

Boop boop be doop, whoosh!

Well Bonnie, whenever we've convened a Blogfest you've shown off fine illustrating skills (I included your shark here). Your flapper would have been much nicer to look at than a windsurfing flapper, which is/was sort of a plastic tongue extending above and behind the board's fin, for the purposes of preventing cavitation. Boop boop be doop Sally will like that!

That's why I got my North's in HD-monofilm free! They're finally perfect!

I totally agree with this. Monofilm is one of those high-performance technologies that was great for people who could afford to replace their sails regularly. I have several monofilm sails and they're all scratching and creasing.

My favorite sail is a my Sailworks Retro, made of heavy-duty X-Ply. Sure, it's heavier than mono, but that sail is indestructible.

Why do all these high-performance technologies have to push their way down into every sector of the industry. You buy a beginner's sail, and it's made of monofilm. Is that really necessary? Where are the low-cost, durable sails for average windsurfers?



Hi, I'm using my sails 5-6-7m2 about 2-3 years and about 10 times every winter with -10C. My 4.0 dacran+ vinyl windows, about 10 years old. windows are still ok and kids used it during the summer about 4 month. I think it depends is the monofilm protected or not against UV. monofilm without UV protection of course cheaper for moneymakers. ... now I'm looking monofilm to repair my sails, ???!!! do you know where?

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