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February 26, 2010


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Scary! Preflight checklist each other? ("tendon - check!; zipper - check!; lines - check!")

Exactly, Sergey! What you said and I check that the fin is solidly in the box.

The item to check that I think is best (or worst, depending on your perspective) hidden is the boom inhaul line that clamps the boom to the mast. If that snaps what the heck do you do? This is why I sail with safety line behind my reactor bar.

Hey Michael, potential situations like this one are exactly why I promote the heavy neoprene surf suits instead of bag style dry suits. There are lots of ways to put a hole in a suit of any construction... at least snug fitting neoprene only allows a bit of water in, and still insulates no matter how wet you get.

Regardless, I'm glad everyone's fine, and glad that you're using a "near-miss" to spread the word rather than waiting for a tragedy to deem it something to be concerned about!

skip the skippers meeting Pup, glad you are still with us...look whose calling the kettle black, eh....water feels allot heavier when it fills up your suit, been there! CD

I do not own a dry suit for this reason, sorry I got on the Wolfs case, this time of year we must make sure all our gear is in top shape and always keep an eye out for each other. CD

can't you guys teabag yourselves in the drink first before paddling out to sea?

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