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March 05, 2010


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Great photo! Which plugs are you using?

Sergey, I'm having good results with disposable wax "sleeping" earplugs that I had laying around the house. In comparison to no earplugs they make a world of difference.

That being said, after my first post about earplugs I got a comment referencing Doc's Pro Plugs and their use by Bill Barber (one of the guys I sail with). While I haven't discussed them with Bill (he's suffering the cold waters of Puerto Rico at the moment) I'm inclined to think they must work well if he's using them. (Hey Bill...if you're reading this, when are you going to show up locally again?)

I think the most important thing (duh) is to wear SOMETHING if your head is going to be spending time under very cold water.

I caught your long ride on video (a bit far away for the fish lens though), but then watched you fighting against raging whitewater for the next 20 minutes. Those ice-cream headaches can quickly sap a lot of strength. I followed the Wolf's lead yesterday and wore my helmet. It offers a solid layer of protection against the cold, and left me with enough strength to furiously paddle out of the impact zone, and catch another dozen rides. Sure there may be nothing dorkier than a SUP surfer wearing a dry suit and helmet, but at least this dork's having fun!

More waves today?

That really does hurt - it's bad enough in the depths of winter here (sea temp 15C!) let alone in your freezing waters!! The wax ear plugs are very good though - I use them sometimes when I am snorkelling and my ears are a bit iffy.

Bunty...it gets that cold in Malta?

Jeff...More waves today! Also, as the Queen of England would say: Dude, you totally ruled yesterday!

Great, thanks!. Got me Docs' plugs, now just need to find some mojo to loop.

'no puffins were harmed in the shooting of the water-in-ear demo shot."

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