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March 07, 2010


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real sorry to hear that mike, you were having such a good sesh. massage, massage & get better soon theres more coming !

I look forward to more soon! Meanwhile how about you wearing a helmet, as my board also bonked you on the head (in a different fall)?

war wounds

yes my head hurts a liitle but its just about as hard as a helmet haha. hold onto your board as much as you can !

Lots of ice packs 3 times a day or more. How about a pic of the damage?? Bet it's black and blue by now.

No color yet, Bunty, but if it colors in the way I think it will I will post a photo.

kielt should have ducked, next time yell "Fore",Jeff and I saw the Bonk! Sorry to hear about your injury, it comes with the turf. you looked good out there! CD

jeff wheres the video??? cant wait to see it. funny watching c.d. rubber legs getting s.u.p. down !

Scott, I'm wading through 12 GB of video from the 3 days as time allows, but a couple screenshots have been submitted to the editor.

thank you jeff, my anxiety has been calmed a bit & my impatience cooled down.nice shots. i know the video is going to be awesome.

do you guys even have ice packs? are you not immune to ice by now?
hope you're feeling better!!!

I dunno if this lesson will ever sink in for me, despite a couple of chipped teeth and some technicolor bruise memories. Ah, well, next life I'll worry about baling out just in time. This life, I'm grabbing every flippin' milli-second of joy I can.

Sounds like a plan, Greg!

Speaking of plans, I had one to post photos of my bruised leg as the bruises came in, but the photos are...well...unattractive. Suffice it to say that large swathes of leg are black, purple, blue, and reddish brown. Normally I've got the basic pink skin thing going on, so two weeks after impact I've still got some healing to do.

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