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March 26, 2010


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That was ....... ah....ah....disturbing. I'm glad I don't do mushrooms anymore.

Interesting video. I had no idea what tilt/shift was:

If you look at it full-screen, you can see the little heads of photographers(?) floating around in the water. Pretty cool. Thanks Michael.

A very interesting perspective on the sport we love and the scale of things, with the ocean and the people "playing" at its fringes..


I can't stop watching. . .

How's the leg?

The leg improves (thanks for asking Bunty!) and I'd try windsurfing if I got suitable conditions. The last few days that it's blown we've had intense chop and high winds...I'd like to try something less daunting for my quadricep.

great vid completly different from but along the same lines as the punky hatt retro shaving vid. Thanks for all your posts. This is my kind of newspaper.

Glad you enjoyed the video. One thing that I like about it is how it shows the full arc of a wavesailing sesh - not just the few moments down-the-line smacking the lip, or the sky high jump on the way out as I usually see in videos. In this one I can follow one sailor on their long reach out, their jibe in the distance, their reach back in as they try to select a wave to ride, their run dtl, and their jibe back out. Having never seen down the line wavesailing in person, this was really informative for me.

Will Seibert
Ridgefield, CT

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