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May 24, 2010


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Friday was beautiful but a lot of fog on Saturday and Sunday

Never thought I would say it but.........have ''crossed the floor'' and moved over to the ''dark side''! Only in marginal winds though otherwise I remain a loyal windsurfer. :))

Wind was sweeping sand into everything this weekend. The gale forces pounded us into submission, alas some super macho types took off into the tumultuous sea never to return. My friend Greg saw the kiteboarder who was found nose down in the surf of off Ocean Beach shoot out the Gate around Baker Beach into the chop. He said that he was sure it would not end well and he was right.

I'm sorry to hear that, Joe. When conditions get hairy here, some of the regularly appearing kiters in The Peconic Puffin (Bill Barber, John Hulse) switch to windsurfing gear. If something goes wrong there are more ways to limp back to shore, and the worst that a crazy gust can do to a windsurfer doesn't compare to a kitemare.

Anyhow I'm sorry to hear of those people dieing on the water.

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