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June 15, 2010


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Classic Puffin! At least you get the commentating right. I'll be laughing at that shot at the top for weeks. In all seriousness though, you were killing it in the freestyle. Congrats on making the final 4!

Great Blog Mike. Don't forget about our yearly dance in race two. I thought for sure I was going to walk across your board again. Maybe next year.

Mike...glad you like that photo. If I can't bring the style on the board, I'll go for it off the board.

George, maybe we won't have to wait until next year...there's always (hopefully) the Fall Regatta! Meanwhile you were tremendous with the freestyle this year...I thought you were going to win it (until P-Jeff went wild).

See you sailing or SUPing soon...

Mike, what would we do without your hilarious posts? C'mon you are not as bad as you depict yourself. Sorry I couldn't make it this year!


Great post and thanks for the shoutout. Do you have dates yet for the fall event?


Tony, come to the Fall Regatta and we'll see how bad I am! Ian, I don't know anything about the dates yet (will announce as soon as I hear something) but last year it was the weekend of October 10th. That event worked out beautifully so my guess is the organizers will aim for the same time this year. It's a one day event with multiple possible locations. What happens is on Friday night the final announcement is made for the day (Saturday or Sunday, whichever has the better forecast) and the location (whichever of the approved spots is best for windsurfing that particular forecast.)

that first photo is just classic.

Glad you guys got wind for your event! Looks like a hoot!

Michael, I thought you aced it with the sleepy hollow. Could this new move be, the submarine no foot waterstart?

You did one thing right, you easily were beating me in our little races. I don't know how I beat you last Fall, but I'm can't wait for a rematch this coming Fall. I'm not so sure your Techno is faster than that JP. The techno may plane quicker and sail upwind better, but I'd bet it's slower on a reach. (JP - when reaching and planing, for the wetted surface, it's narrower in the tail, has a smaller fin, and is much lighter.)

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