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June 23, 2010


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I have never tried sailboarding; I assume I'd be doing a lot of falling. Further, I assume my falls would be far less interesting than yours. Kudos on an excellent capture!



On the rare occasions when I have tried windsurfing I have concentrated on maximizing the quantity rather than the quality of my falls. I yam what I yam an' that's all that I yam!

PS. There seems to be a dearth of posts on this blog about anything other than windsurfing. How about some posts on goldfish? Or monster trucks?

Well T, if you look hard enough you'll find quite a few posts on stand up paddle surfing, and a few on dogs. It is what it is.

I know you did the dog posts. I disapprove of dog posts. I am anti-dog post. And anti-kitty posts.

How about some Wendell Berry posts? Or failing that some blue berry posts? Or rhubarb?

nice style michael! is that a rope on the nose for tow-in? stay warm and enjoy summer sailing!

Rebecca, when I first got that board I thought "if I ever want to tie a line to that connecting gizmo on the nose it will be difficult" so I threaded a piece of marlow line through it and made a loop, to facilitate future usage.

In the ten years since I've never used it once. But I apparently tied a good knot!

must be for tow ins!

Doh! Scotty! Been missing you on the waves and in the wind, bro. Another dead Sunday...waddayagonnadu?

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