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July 12, 2010


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I am not sure what it says about my virility, but I love new windsurfing shoes too. I just recently got a new pair of Superfreak split toes that replaced the previous pair which had worn through on the bottom, and I am now making most of my jibes and almost planing all the way through them. Must be the shoes!!

Dennis, I remember a story about a famous racing harness called the Visual Ed. Apparently a manufacturer created a seat harness for women (the "Visuelle") with lots of straps to adjust every part to a ladies liking. The word was that smaller guy windsurfers started using the Visuelle to take advantage of all the tweaking options, so they came out with a guys version, which was just a larger model of the ladies. Hence "Visual Ed".

In any event, if it improves my windsurfing, I'll try it! (A little mascara never hurt anybody, did it?)

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