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July 14, 2010


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Ted...you will get yours be patient see you in October cd

Mike, not to bring up a slightly controversial topic, but this may be a result of global warming. This is the predicted result: hotter, windless summers. Those numbers of yours are pretty dramatic, and they may be indicating a real trend.

BTW, this is why I always have my longboard.


Ian, I prefer the term "climate change" which I think is more accurate. Certainly for the last few years out east we've had the telltale drought/torrential downpour sequence running (see last week's half a foot of rain in 24 hours following a month of no precip. Those numbers are approx, btw.)

I have my Superlight. I also enjoy the nonplaning freestyle on my Techno and 109. And now I'm a SUP fiend!

The wind in Bonaire has been so so as well. I arrived end of June and have sailed a 4.5 once and a 4.2 twice. Now you all know by now I am a wind snob and won't sail bigger but there were some totally non wind days and for the most part I would say IF I sailed bigger sails I would have been on a 7.0 most of the summer so far.

Mike this is the WORST summer in Bonaire..it's my 8th summer and man o man..even tho I am a wind snob only sailing a 4.7 and 4.2 those who sail big had to use BIG..and some weeks we had no water in the bay..a POOPER summer using your words..

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